Open Call for Entries: International Architectural Design Competition for the New Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center at Tel Aviv University

Strelka KB, the leading Russian company in strategic consulting in the spheres of architecture, urban planning, cultural and spatial programming, is organising an international architectural competition for the best concept, design and realization of the new Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center in Tel Aviv University campus.

The Tel Aviv University (“TAU”) intends to construct the new Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center within the University’s main installations. This building will house an important center for science and research in the most prestigious university campus in Israel, but will also be a centerpiece of architecture and art, buildings and sculp¬tures that accomplish and then transcend their practical purpose. Alumni and faculty aspire to great things within structures that are themselves a unique open-air museum of modern architecture and plastic arts spanning the past five decades. It’s an artistic ecosystem of buildings, landscaping, environmental design and sculptures. The new center is an enormous challenge because it has to both stand out and fit in to the balance between beauty and functionality of these revered university buildings. The location is next to a main campus access point and thus a focus of attention. The exterior that will proclaim continuity and modernity but needs to envelop installa¬tions that will reach out to the future.

All the details can be found on the competition website.

Giovanna Carnevali, Project Director, Strelka KB: “The campus itself is a unique open air museum of modern ar¬chitecture and plastic arts spanning the past five decades. The design for the new Nanoscience and Nanotechnol¬ogy Center should reflect the beauty and integrate the functionality of all the buildings that make up the campus. At the same time it has to embody the spirit of this University that is nothing less than a national symbol”.

The new building will host a major nanofabrication and characterization laboratory and 12 core research laboratories. Altogether about 120 engineers and researchers will use the building as their main hub.

Joseph Klafter, Professor, President, TAU: “Today, more than ever, institutions serving the national prerequisites of the country, need to be more creative and more advanced in science, technology and innovation, and the main goal of the architect will be to provide the best solution for a special building project that will be sustainable both in concept and construction”.

The competition is open to all design bureaus and consortiums of companies comprising specialists in the fields of architecture, design, engineering systems, design and construction costs evaluation from all over the world.

The competition is organised in two phases with pre-selection of qualified applicants. At this pre-selection stage a short list of 21 architectural firms are chosen based on the ranking of received submissions. After conducting remote competitive dialogue with the Jury, the 6 designated participants will go on to submit a competition entry and their commercial proposal. From those participants the jury selects a maximum of three ranked finalists. The winner will be decided after a round of negotiations between these finalists and the University.

  • Title: Open Call for Entries: International Architectural Design Competition for the New Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center at Tel Aviv University
  • Website:
  • Organizers: Strelka KB
  • Registration Deadline: 30/10/2015 18:00
  • Submission Deadline: 30/10/2015 18:00
  • Venue: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Price: Free


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