Occupational Center in Sanjuanejo / Juan Carlos Navarro Pérez

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera
  • Architects: Juan Carlos Navarro Pérez
  • Location: 37591 Sanjuanejo, Salamanca, Spain
  • Project Year: 2009
  • Photography: Álvaro Viera

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera

  • Promoter: Asprodes Feaps Salamanca
  • Builder: EDYCIBA S.L.
© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera

From the architect. Location and physical environment:

Sanjuanejo is one of the villages of repopulation existing in this part of the province of Salamanca near Ciudad Rodrigo and built in the 50s in the last century.

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera

Around the main square, today of The Constitution, whose major axis was topped by the Church, were the schools and the Town Hall. The Occupational Center has replaced the old buildings of the schools and part of the adjacent plot, respecting and rehabilitating one of the buildings existing. It has been respected also the volume of two heights of the schools.

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera


It is a building devoted to occupational Centre for intellectual disabled, promoted by Asprodes Feaps for Ciudad Rodrigo and its environment.

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera

Is equipped with classrooms, dining room, office, workshop, toilets and changing rooms, all on the ground floor. On first floor are the offices of administration.

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera


The outline design on the ground floor is the typical “fishbone”, with the classrooms opened in east-west direction and illuminated by a landscaped patio. The workshops are located in one of the rehabilitated units.

Plan Plan

Both the part of leisure and dining room, as the auxiliary part of dressing rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and stores, formed a line parallel to the portico front of the “Constitution square”

© Álvaro Viera © Álvaro Viera


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