Open Call: EXHIB-IT! Florim Architectural Installation in Milan

Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions

Florim has launched a competition to design a temporary architectural installation that showcases images from relevant architectural works built with ceramics. This event will take place during the International Furnishing Accessories Exhibition in the very centre of Milan and the competition is open to designers, architects and creative communities worldwide. Learn more about the competition after the break.

Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions

Construction materials and technology mean more than mere materiality to architecture. Like fabric influences and inspires fashion design, materials drive and inspire architecture – influencing the creativity and perception of designers and users.

Florim has been inspiring architecture for over 50 years by leading the market of quality ceramics and advanced manufacturing technologies. Thanks to innovation and excellence in technology, they have managed to contribute to the construction of eminent pieces of architecture and built environment.

The goal is to create an installation that can, on the one hand, embody the brand and, on the other hand, illustrate its achievements. This first edition of the contest “EXHIB-IT!” aims to frame an installation-manifesto that can represent sustainability and quality on one of the most eminent venues for the “made in Italy”.

Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions Courtesy of Young Architects Competitions

There will be a total of €10,000 in cash prizes for the winning projects. The first prize project will be built by Florim in Foro Buonaparte flagship store and awarded proposals will be published on architectural magazines / websites / will be internationally exhibited.

More about the contest:

Contact Florim:


  • Flaviano Celaschi (Bologna – Università Alma Mater Studiorum)
  • Odoardo Fioravanti (Milan – designer and professor)
  • Matteo Oreste Ingaramo (Milan –
  • Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli (Rotterdam – OMA)
  • Alessandro Marata (Bologna – CNA)
  • Alex de Rijke (London – dRMM)
  • Stefano Torrenti (Modena – A.D. Florim)
  • Amelia Valletta (Milan – Domus Academy)
  • Miguel Angel Vitale (Santa Fe – UNL_FADU)


  • 27 October 2015 – start
  • 24 January 2015 – material submission deadline
  • 25 February 2016 – results announcement

Submission Requirements

  • 1 A1 poster + 1 A3 booklet required


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