Call for Submissions: ProDrone Booth Design Proposal CES 2016

Byrd Byrd

About ProDrone:

ProDrone Technology Company ( is a fresh, innovative and forward thinking take on the contemporary UAV industry. We fully focus on the comprehensive research, development, design and production of unmanned aerial vehicles and we strive to not only offer concierge style customer service, but a truly fascinating flying experience.

Our first drone, Byrd, has many special features. Some features that set us apart form the rest are complete portability (Byrd conveniently folds down into an iPad sized package), longer flight time (Byrd has a 30% longer battery life than all other drones within the same category), dual controllers (Connect your controllers and enjoy the good times. Learn to fly with a skilled pilot or friend. ) and modular design language (Byrd is a universal flying platform that supports many different combinations. These include a 4k Camera, 1080P Camera, Infrared Camera and GoPro which can all quickly be switched to suit your style and needs.)

CES 2016

ProDrone will be exhibitor at CES (, the largest electronic expo of the world, in Las Vegas, United States.

For the second year, we invite all the architects to design revolutionary booth proposal.

Location: LVCC, South Hall 2, Number 25417

Dimensions: 20 “wide, 50 ‘long

Area: 1,000 square feet

Type: Stand type Island, 4 open sides.


1. – Zones

A. Reception area:

Reception desk with storage

B. Flight Zone:

Area where a flight demonstration will be held. It should be about 1/4 to 1/3 of the total area of the stand. This space be limited with a cage / network / barrier / acrylic / glass … as a form of security.

C. Space Business:

For 4 – 6 people, preferably not near of flight zone.

The lounge area must have a table or bar, which supporting a Nespresso machine, coffee capsules, single serve water, tea bags, plastic cups, sweeteners …)

D. Display area of Drones:

Size open 680 * 621 * 216 mm

Folded size 274 * 217 * 108mm

Display area will be for 4-6 drones: open and folded.

This area may include a display zone for accessories, clothing, backpacks, cameras and gimbals.

E. Storage Area

The minimum size is 40 square feet, must have a charging area for drones, shelves and refrigerator.

2. Electronics

A. TV wall

The stand should have a large screen, where product promotional videos were shown.

B. iPads

Locate in the meeting area and reception area, its function is to collect information.

C. Sound System

The videos need a sound system preferably hidden.

D. Refreshments

The assembly area must have a surface that allows support a Nespresso machine, coffee capsules, single serve bottled water, tea bags, plastic cups, sweeteners …)

E. Refrigerator.

Located in the storage area

3. Lighting

Subtle, warm, welcoming lighting, “immersive” and maybe interactive

4. Style:

High-tech, high-end, simple, clean, modern, powerful and adventurous. Keep in mind brands such as Land Rover, Carhartt WIP, Patagonia, Timberland, Breitling, Victorinox, and BMW.

5. Delivery format

PDF with:

A. Home, designer name or company.

B. Idea

C. Plan View

D. 4 Renders or views.

6. Delivery Date

The submission deadline is November 29, at 14:00 PM Hong Kong.

Please send your proposal to

7. Award

2,000 USD dollars and labor cooperation possibility for our next exhibitions.

  • Title: Call for Submissions: ProDrone Booth Design Proposal CES 2016
  • Type: Competition Announcement (Ideas)
  • Organizers: ProDrone
  • Registration Deadline: 01/11/2015 12:08
  • Submission Deadline: 22/10/2015 12:07
  • Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Address: Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Price: Free


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