gmp Designs New Headquarters for CNPEC in Shenzhen, China

Courtesy of gmp Architekten Courtesy of gmp Architekten

Following a closed competition, which included practices like OMA, KPF and Henn Architects, gmp Architects was selected to design the new CNPEC Headquarters in Longgang, Shenzhen, Southeast China. The power corporation called for a new building that could house over 4000 employees. Read more about gmp’s design proposal after the break.

Courtesy of gmp Architekten Courtesy of gmp Architekten

The project is sited in a single block within Baolong Industrial Park, which incorporates a strict, orthogonal road grid. Three high-rises and a “plinth-type podium” are all arranged around a central garden, generating the major expression of the project. The garden will be open to the public, planted with palm trees and bamboo plants, and will intersect the development, creating footpaths.

Courtesy of gmp Architekten Courtesy of gmp Architekten

From underneath the foyers of the high-rises, wide staircases lead to this garden, the space beneath it housing all service functions and circulation routes, including a bus terminal for employees. A three-storey ring links the three towers above the podium, housing shared functions like a canteen and conference area. The circular shape also acts as a colonnade, framing the landscape in the center to create a nice view from all parts of the building looking onto the planted roof of the podium.

Courtesy of gmp Architekten Courtesy of gmp Architekten

Each tower differs in height, and they are positioned to maximize views from work places and create a distinct skyline. Vertically, the design of the facades is informed by the loadbearing and ventilation elements of the building, contributing to successful natural ventilation. Horizontally, each floor is combined with the one above, creating a collective, sculptural impression of the building.

Courtesy of gmp Architekten Courtesy of gmp Architekten

At different levels, the design features “sky gardens.” Intermediate floors, which would otherwise be relegated to service installation, are turned into attractive areas for recreation and meeting. Each zone includes smaller canteens, sports areas, libraries and lounges. With the additions of these elements, the CNPEC policy of focusing on its employee health and well-being is reflected throughout the building design.

  • Architects: gmp Architects
  • Design: Meinhard von Gerkan and Stephan Schütz with Stephan Rewolle
  • Project Lead, Competition: Marco Assandri, Su Jun
  • Project Lead, Implementation: Jiang Lin Lin, Marco Assandri
  • Team: Jan Peter Deml, Han Yue, Maarten Harms, Huang Han, Li Zheng, Liu Xiao, Mulyanto, Burkhard Pick, Qin Wei, Wei Zhilin, Xu Ji, Yuan Tao, Thilo Zehme, Zhang Yingying, Zhou Wei, Chen Junkun, Xu Yimin, Zhou Yuan
  • Local Partner: SADI
  • Area: 327963.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Courtesy of gmp Architekten


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