Multi-Purpose Education Centre / Atelier Phileas

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau
  • Architects: Atelier Phileas
  • Location: 19 Rue de Presles, 93300 Aubervilliers, France
  • Project Manager : Marie-Sophie Rollet
  • Area: 5600.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2013
  • Photographs: Stephane Chalmeau

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau

  • Economy : Talbot et associés
  • Structure : C&E Ingénierie
  • Utilities : WOR Ingénierie
  • Acoustic Consultant : Peutz
  • Landscape : Sempervirens
  • Sustainibility : PLAN 02
  • Client: Aubervilliers Town Council
  • Price: 12.6 M€ ex-Tax
© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau

From the architect. For Aubervilliers, a municipality in the immediate vicinity of the capital, but divorced from it due to a peripheral rift that separates the populations and undermines synchronicity, the construction of a primary school is double good news. Good news for the life of the citizenry which displays its strength in the construction of this important new facility. Good news also for a metropolitan gamble that has finally paid off, with evidence of the demographic vitality of the town.

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau
Floor Plan Floor Plan
© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau

The Henri Barbusse school is the sign and the image of the rehabilitation of a whole area: Life in Technicolor is also found outside Paris.

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau

It is the intention of our project to offer a contemporary architectural style, imbued with an assumed sense of eco-design i.e. an image at odds with the existing urban fabric; an operation that is so dense that it has no reason to envy the most tightly squeezed plots of capital cities; construction solutions that are so fine-grained that we are able to meet the most hair-raising deadlines through rational choice of materials. These may, in consultation with the project management, enable us to gain time and improve the quality of use for all, especially for the construction workers.

© Stephane Chalmeau © Stephane Chalmeau


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