Un Dernier Voyage / Spray Architecture + Gabrielle Vella-Boucaud

© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic
  • Architects: Spray Architecture, Gabrielle Vella-Boucaud
  • Location: Meuse, 70280 Saint-Bresson, France
  • Illustrator: Thibaut Rassat
  • Area: 110.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Jelena Stajic

© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic

© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic

“Un Dernier voyage” is a house project implanted on an old pasture land. You can get there by a little forest way. The ground is on the hillside, at the end of a small village and a few meters away from the edge of the woods. These woods are populated with contemporary and land works of art. Artists and designers of the whole world come in this countryside. For a long time imagined, after years of traveling in various overseas territories, “un Dernier voyage” reflects the clients various artistic influences.

Floor Plan Floor Plan

She writes, he sculpts wood and metal. The house is designed as a place of creation, ideal to seek inspiration. It is at street-level, completed by a container become carving workshop. Carried by a metal structure, the volume gets off the ground and keeps its and its declivity. The plan is a twenty meter rectangle by six, widely open to favor a fluid circulation and a flexibility of interior layout. On both sides of the bedroom and bathroom, are the livingroom and an office connected by a wide corridor allowing to show sculptures. Two terraces are added to the volume; in the Southwest, a covered entrance and to the Northeast an outdoor space lengthwise the house over which goes on the metal structure in canopy.

© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic

The beautiful materiality has virtue of economy according to the brutalist principles. That is why; the ceiling shows its metal structure, its steel sheets, technical equipments and the floor its raw concrete. Outside, the black metal siding evokes the steel sheet of a container, a modest transit object but solid and very usual in overseas territories. This black monolith contrasts with the rural landscape. But its lengthened and low shape, its standing on the hill drown it in a green background. The facades are vertically drilled; either by French windows opening on the long terrace and on the rippling hills, or by fixed windows which frame the landscape and play with the crossing axis of the plan. Followed by the workshop-container implanted according to the same angle, the house seems to be doubled.

Section Section
© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic
Section Section

“Un Dernier voyage” is a raw housing, in a wild landscape, which echo the long travels made by the containers given up by shipping companies.

© Jelena Stajic © Jelena Stajic


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