G3House / LAMA Arhitectura

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu
  • Architects: LAMA Arhitectura
  • Location: Otopeni, Romania
  • Architect In Charge: Dan ENACHE, Calin RADU
  • Engineers: INTERACTIVE DESIGN – Andrei Tudor
  • Area: 180.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Radu Malașincu

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu

From the architect. This project’s design theme was the consolidation and expansion of an existing house. The site for the project is located in Otopeni city, adjacent to Bucharest. It consists of a generous plot on which an old 100 sqm house was located. The house had a basement, ground floor, first floor and attic.

Section Section

The core of this project is the modern reinterpretation of the traditional pitched roof house, thus creating a dialogue between the two volumes, between past and present.  The first step was to bring out the old house, having it’s character preserved. The extension is reinterpreted in a contemporary shape, like a concrete origami attached to the old house. Seeking for a  visual and spatial dialogue between the two volumes, unity was sought.

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu

The aditional volume was designed as to contain an airy livingroom area, whilst the original house would incorporate the remaning  neccesary spaces for a family home. The two volumes were placed on a large wooden deck, in order to create continuity. An extention of the wooden deck also hosts the pool, the terrace and a large jardiniere. The joining point between the two volumes marks the entrance. One is guided by the protection of the concrete canopy followed by the trail of sunshine from the skylight, towards the insides of the house.

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu

The basement hosts a cellar and the utility room. The ground floor consists of the livingroom with its partially covered terrace in the extention area, togheter with the kitchen, dinning room, lounge, wardrobe and a bathroom, contained by the original house volume. The living room is a dynamic, high ceiling space, with clear, focused views towards the outside. The original building had a loft conversion, where one can find the master bedroom with a dressing area and bathroom, a guest bedroom and the children’s bedroom. From inside the children’s bedroom, through a ladder, a separate area used as a playroom can be accesed. This is positioned on top of the bathroom.

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu

For the exterior design, the following materials were used: grey folded metal sheets for the roof, exposed concrete, wood and recovered tiles from the original roof, used to decorate an external wall. For the interior design, the main used materials were: exposed concrete, protection mortar, wooden beams recovered from the original building, silver travertine plates and oak floors.

© Radu Malașincu © Radu Malașincu


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