JEJU Island Restaurant Refurbishment / Moohoi Architecture Studio

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan
  • Architects: Moohoi Architecture Studio
  • Location: Jeju Island Korean Cuisine (Shengtu South Road), Donghu, Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, 330029
  • Architect In Charge: Kim Jae-Kwan
  • Construction: Kim Jaekwan. Lee Keejoo, Kim Taehwan,Kim Sungjae, Jeong Mincheol
  • Area: 103.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2014
  • Photographs: Kim Jae-Kwan

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan

From the architect. The materials initially considered were steel plates and transparent polycarbonate, but I could not yet find a material that can resist the salinity of the ocean water.

However, we were in a hurry and began the process of demolition first. In this process, I found out that the material used was a dark coloured tile before it was covered with white paint.

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan

 The tiles did not come off with ease as we had wished. I found tiles with chipped paint, completely peeled off paint, and parts where the mortar that kept the tile on the wall was chipped as well.

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan

Another thing I would like to mention is that the restaurant was at a distance from the nearby neighborhood and thus did not have many visitors.

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan

Moreover, it was difficult for people to approach the restaurant because the Jeju Olle Trail in front of the building was very steep. Therefore, I centred the reconstruction plan around the fact that a café would open up on the 1st floor.

In order to solve this problem, I made a path for pedestrians that go from the main road leading to this building. Basically, I had made a small village within a house.

© Kim Jae-Kwan © Kim Jae-Kwan


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