Maibara House / ALTS Design Office

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada
  • Architects: ALTS Design Office
  • Location: Shiga Prefecture, Japan
  • Architects Member: Sumiou Mizumoto, Yoshitaka Kuga
  • Area: 124.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2015
  • Photographs: Yuta Yamada

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada

Site Plan Site Plan

From the architect. We made two open spaces of different type in a site on this project. The client hoped an open space needed privacy and a common area of the house. Anyone hope the two buildings of different type.

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada

The first one is a privacy-minded house. We built a two-story house and gave weight the well-being of the family simply. Then second one has public aspects just like a park where anyone can pop in.

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada

It’s a flat building as an assembly hall. Each building has a completely different nature, but they connect each other gently in internal space.

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada

We didn’t put two different hopes in one space because it could well vanish each nature. But we separated off two spaces daringly and took advantage of each nature maximally and could make an attractive spaces.

© Yuta Yamada © Yuta Yamada


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